From January, 2019

God Provides

Every good and perfect gift is from above

Watching the Kettle Boil – Science

I used the time lapse facility to capture the image of the water heating process every five seconds and plotted the relationship. The relationship is linear, confirming that the 2000 W kettle element adds a constant amount of energy to the kettle and water every second.

Follow through on your new year’s resolutions

#NewYearsResolution   In the words of that admirable cat: “Take my advice I am not using it”. (For those who still don’t know who I am referring to: Garfield created by Jim Davis.)   I have goals. I do not have New Year’s Resolutions.   What should you have? Take a moment, think about your life and what you want to achieve. Done. Easy.   Your New Year’s Resolutions are exactly that, yours. So, sorry to disappoint you, I am not here to tell you how to achieve those lofty goals – only you will know how to achieve them.…

The Goal – The Beginning of the Theory of Constraints

The Goal was the beginning for me. The lecturer, at the USB SDP**, read The Goal to the class in two days, and we played the dice game.       Eliyahu M Goldratt and Jeff Cox wrote the original edition of The Goal in 1984. The Goal has sold several million copies in several languages, including Japan. The Goal is available in e-format, audio formats, movie and as “A Business Graphic Novel“.   The Goal lays the foundation for a significant part of the body of knowledge of the Theory of Constraints. The first question we must ask is,…

Inspiring Education

#Inspire Crystal Garden. Crystals in a glass jam-jar with a string hanging from a pencil over a blue-green liquid (mainly copper sulphate for those who want to know). Later Quartz crystals in the real garden. Eventually, molecular shapes on a computer screen in space filling, ball and stick and stick forms. An old scholar’s fascination with snow crystals. Metal crystals! All these, but the first foremost, lit the chemistry candle in me.   I have attempted to light a similar candle in my kids. They appreciated the sodium-phosphate-crystal-growth kit – the biggest crystal I have ever produced. They were the…