Watching the Kettle Boil – Science

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Yes, a GREEN Kettle – of course.

I am the proud owner of a CatS61 smartphone, with a FLIR camera. The smartphone does what I need it to do.
Science is about observing nature and, as a friend of mine commented, saying “That’s odd”. I add, “How does that work?”
The people around me need me to have my morning coffee. On the odd occasion, my mind is awake before the coffee, though. I took out my Cat S61 FLIR camera and took photos of the kettle boiling, and yes it is a green kettle.
The photos show the false colour images; showing the relative temperatures of the objects in the room. As the water boils, the kettle’s body also heats up, and the images represent what is happening to the water inside the kettle. The images show the inferred temperature at the cross-hair point.
I used the time lapse facility to capture the image of the water heating process every five seconds and plotted the relationship. The relationship is linear, confirming that the 2000 W kettle element adds a constant amount of energy to the kettle and water every second.
plot of temperature

Proving that energy is constantly added to the kettle and water converting electrical energy into thermal energy

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