Andreas A Landman

Biographic Details

Highest academic qualification:                 PhD Chemistry


Total Cost to Company:                               Value Related

Personal Mission Statement

I am continuously working towards being a better husband, father, employee, manager, leader, mentor, coach and scientist.

Influences in my Life

My worldview has been influenced by the teachings of the Bible (spiritual guidance and salvation), Eliyahu Goldratt (Theory of Constraints and business management), Jeffrey Liker (Toyota production System), Stephen Covey (dealing with life and priorities), David Rock (self-management) and Ken Blanchard (Managing and leading by values).


IT: I have lead times as a project manager and facilitated integration between platforms

Managing: I have managed plants of between 10 and 130 employees and achieved targets.

Technical: I have implemented many product and process improvements based on technical knowledge.

Product Development: Over the years I have led the introduction of several new products on the market – serene green, lowE products, and low iron products.

Chemistry: Chemistry has played a small part in my career, but as a chemist, the small part had a big influence on the results achieved in producing high-quality mirrors and low iron rolled products.

Spectroscopy: Spectroscopy is mostly the domain of chemists and physicists. The spectroscopy of glass and the methods to obtain reliable spectra was bedded down well, with the products being registered on the International Glazing Database.

Standards Writing: I worked closely with other industry specialists to develop and review national standards with the SABS.

Statistics: The control of processes and specifications through the application of Statistical Process Control and regression analyses added to the stability of the processes.

Industrial Relations: I have chaired and initiated many hearings on behalf of the company. I represented the company in discussion with the shop stewards in monthly meetings. I have attended many legal updates by Johnny Goldberg and implemented the agreed industrial relations plans.

OSH Act: I have attended several legal liability sessions with Ernst van Biljon. I had the dubious opportunity to discuss an accident with the department of labour inspector with good consequences. I implemented safe works procedures, risk assessments and training procedures.

Quality Audits: I dealt with TÜV audits for ISO 9000 and 14001, SABS audits for SANS 680, 1263-1, 1263-2 and 1191 as well as SNI audits for glass and CSI audits for AS/NZ 2208. Ford and BMW audits were done at Bridgestone/Firestone.

Training: I lead the team to train more than 60 production learners, many of whom were appointed at PFG Building Glass. I was part of the creation of the material for the e-learning modules, including a new safety induction. I gave several internal and external presentations on the company’s products and product benefits.

Lean: Short Interval Control systems and the creation of flow led to extensive improvements in production capacity and customer satisfaction.

Theory of Constraints: The supply chain model and the production solutions of the theory of constraints yielded improved raw material availability and focus. The thinking processes were applied to team building and yielded a strong team giving exceptional results.

Budgets: I have set budgets for the five areas under my control for capital expenditure, operational expenditure and human resources.

Positions held

Green Octahedron Consulting Sole Proprietor – August 2018 to present

Isazi Consulting



Creative Foundation Training

BCT College

PFG Building Glass

Value Added Plant Manager PFG Building Glass – February 2013 to August 2018

Rolled Production Manager PFG Building Glass – May 2010 – January 2013

Process Technologist PFG Building Glass – May 2005 – April 2010

Process Engineer Bridgestone SA (Pty) Ltd – July 2003 – April 2005