Reference: This section is based on the Career Path Appreciation assessment, iWAM analysis and Standout report and summarises my career personality.


I have progressed through the service, quality and practice levels, which is where the benefits accrue to the company by my doing. I am at the point where I am ready for the strategic development stage. I think of the big picture and want to move the company forward.


I am a pioneer. I begin by asking, “What’s new?” I am intrigued by the unfamiliar, and I am most satisfied when I do something that has never been done before, relying on myself to figure out how to move forward.


I am also an advisor. I begin by asking, “What is the best thing to do?” and enjoy being the person others turn to for the answer. I crave to be valued by others for my insight and judgment. I love to be the expert, who constantly looks for information that will help people make better decisions. I am demanding and opinionated wanting things to be better. I like being called upon to seek a better solution.


I will jump in and support an idea once certain favourable answers have been given – especially how the idea will contribute to the greater picture.


I want to attain, achieve, get, and have. Goals are important to me.


I need to make my own decisions, which are guided by the general vision and values of the company. I evaluate information and evaluate the information by my standards.


I am motivated to develop options and to find other possibilities and feel demotivated when having to follow procedures blindly.


I think about projects from a global perspective and can describe the specific sequences.


I am comfortable when non-expressive people communicate with me.


I can work equally well in groups and individual tasks. Often I prefer to get work done behind a closed door.


I want sole responsibility for the work I perform. I do not want shared responsibility. This responsibility must be clearly defined, and I dislike when others interfere with my responsibilities. I am strongly motivated by situations where I have the power, authority and control over people and things. I am motivated when I feel no one is in my way.


Thus far I have worked best in four-year cycles within the same working environment with changes in task, project, or job.


I am a structural theorist, which means I begin by developing an idea or theory. I need to understand the consequences to be sure about the task. Knowing the “why” and the “how” helps me organise things. Next, I collect the resources and organises these in a way that will make a success of the project; then I take action.


I want to become an example of what the organisation wants, after establishing the values and rules of the company. I do not tolerate the non-conforming behaviour of others.


I am convinced automatically, which means, with a small amount of information, I build a projection of the full data picture and take appropriate action. I want to do important things.


I can reorganise work processes based on a general vision of where the company needs to go. Detail often suffers and therefore, I need to be paired with a detail-oriented person to perform at my best.


Once I have completed a project, I feel demotivated when I have to redo some of the work. describes me as a Modern Missionary, who:

Aims for more than mere success; you aspire to success and significance. Winning is less about beating the competition than it is about building something original. Success is less about making money than it is about making meaning for yourself and your colleagues. Sure, economic value is important, but human values are what drives your passion for achieving.