Improvement Through Theory of Constraints

Vision: Improve Company profitability, Protect Jobs.

Purpose: Green Octahedron Consulting uses the Theory of Constraints to help executive managers to focus. Executives can then leverage the company’s constraint(s) to achieve increasingly better financial results for the shareholders, customers and employees.

Picture of the future: I see a future where executives focus on their company’s constraint(s), not to complain, but to offer value in their products (services) that the customer is happy to pay for, satisfies the shareholders’ need for return on investment and gives the employees a secure working environment. In this future, executives understand which compromises were made to tolerate dilemmas in the past and resolve these dilemmas by understanding the erroneous assumptions that supported the compromises and build a stronger company based on this understanding. Executives create a sustainable future, rather than merely implementing age-old cost cutting strategies. Suppliers are also involved in these improvements to build strong supply chains.

Why me: I facilitate this future by guiding executives to a better understanding of their situation. My interaction with people is guided by love, honesty, dependability, loyalty, honour, pride, success and structure.

My work experience is in the managerial field (between thirty and 130 direct and indirect reports), technical field (product development, chemistry, spectroscopy, standards writing, statistics), industrial relations, OSH act, quality audits, training, lean, budgets and theory of constraints.

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