I hold a PhD in Chemistry and have applied the theory of constraints in manufacturing and supply chain management while being a Process Technologist, Production Manager and Plant Manager.

1.    Personal Mission Statement

My mission is to live according to my values (Love, Obedience/Honesty, Dependability, Loyalty, Honour, Pride, Success and Structure/order), based on the question “What would Jesus do?” I recognise that I have several roles in my life and need to maintain balance because the balance will not maintain itself. I am continuously working towards being a better husband, father, employee, manager, leader, mentor, coach and scientist. I exert influence in my circle of influence, defining and extending my circle of influence relative to my circle of concern like Jabez, while not allowing external forces to dictate my actions – being PRO-ACTIVE means being in control of myself. I use and extend my God-given abilities to lead my family and company to achieve the targets we have set for ourselves. These targets are in line with our values and aim to improve the quality of our own lives and those of others.

2.    Influences in my Life

 My worldview has been influenced by the teachings of the Bible (spiritual guidance and salvation), Eliyahu Goldratt (Theory of Constraints and business management), Jeffrey Liker (Toyota production System), Stephen Covey (dealing with life and priorities), David Rock (self-management) and Ken Blanchard (Managing and leading by values). This means I wish to lead (manage) in a way that allows others to grow by giving them the responsibility for the results we agree to achieve according to measures that make financial sense – not merely accounting sense.

3.    What Manufacturing Management has taught me

My extensive academic background gives me the ability to learn the skills necessary to do any job I set my mind to. My Bridgestone/Firestone South Africa and PFG Building Glass experiences have taught me that my academic background is only as good as my willingness to learn and communicate with the many different people who work together to make a company financially viable. I am successful at solving problems through knowledge and scientific detection. I am growing in leading others in solving problems related to the operation of processes and have gained the trust of the team I work with.

World class manufacturing systems, otherwise known as lean systems, is an effective way of coordinating the efforts of the personnel, but only if the measurements are clear and well understood and support the company’s goals. I have read widely on Theory of Constraints and Lean Thinking, and have had some exposure to six sigma.

4.    At home

 At home, I am the jungle gym for two energetic young ladies, Anika Lee (not so much anymore)and Aileen. They make sure that my mind has a break from the job responsibilities. My loving wife, Edith, makes sure that my amateur DIY skills are stretched to their limits.

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