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Let’s start at the beginning. Safety First.

Yes, I will make a call to action then build up to a sale.

We must all think about safety.

We must think about thinking about safety.

When we instruct to instil safety, we must make sure that people can adhere to the instruction.

For example, “Use three points of contact when using stairs”. First, we must place the instruction on all stair handrails – easy. Second, the stair handrails must be close enough to each other so that a person can hold onto two handrails at a time. Not so easy, as one can see on most wide stairways. Third, the person using the stairs must have both hands free. WOW! How often does this happen? A logical conclusion is that we must provide escalators or lifts. A cheaper alternative is to have everyone use a shoulder bag to carry any objects.

Think about thinking about safety.

Another example will bring us closer to the sale.

Some workplaces have safety representatives. Safety representatives must complete regular safety inspections of the workplace. Two aspects of safety inspection forms/booklets spring to mind. First, the manager and the safety representative must be able to use the questionnaire. When all is well, the form must show that all is well. The form must identify an unsafe behaviour or activity for action.

Second, the inspection form must focus only on behaviours and conditions that are under the manager’s control. The questionnaire should not check compliance with construction regulations. For example, the safety representative does not need to know how many lights there should be but should report lights that don’t work.

Audits by qualified personnel/contractors must focus on infrastructure issues. The company should have addressed infrastructure issues during the building design phase.

Now the sale. I have developed forms that are easy to use and focus on controllable items only. You can order your copy of “I keep Record of Workplace Safety” from

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