Plan Weakly

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Oops. I meant Plan Weekly! Well, not really.
Those who fail to plan, plan to fail – or so the poster in my primary school classroom said. Thus, Plan Weakly, is appropriate.
I have a book to help you keep track of your personal roles and the plans you make on for a week.
The pages of my book allow you to plan a week based on the roles you have identified for yourself and the goals you have set for yourself. The concepts expressed in those pages give life to the paradigms established by Stephen R Covey in his groundbreaking books:
  • The 7 habits of highly effective people
  • First Things First (with AR Merrill and RR Merrill)
  • Focus: Achieving your highest Priorities – The workshop to help you focus on and execute top priorities.
First, you write down your personal mission statement.
Second, you identify the roles you see yourself in. You also have the opportunity to plot out when you focus on each role.
Third, you identify goals for yourself in these roles.
Fourth, you plan weekly.
Fifth, you live daily.
Google eats their own dogfood, and so do I. I have filled in two “I keep a Record of My Weekly Plans” books, and find that the structure helps my achieve more.
weekly plans

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