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Hot on the Press – I Keep a Record of my Virtue – The Benjamin Franklin Method

If you would like to follow the Benjamin Franklin method I have a new notebook for you which will allow you to keep track of your progress to a more virtuous you.

Follow through on your new year’s resolutions

#NewYearsResolution   In the words of that admirable cat: “Take my advice I am not using it”. (For those who still don’t know who I am referring to: Garfield created by Jim Davis.)   I have goals. I do not have New Year’s Resolutions.   What should you have? Take a moment, think about your life and what you want to achieve. Done. Easy.   Your New Year’s Resolutions are exactly that, yours. So, sorry to disappoint you, I am not here to tell you how to achieve those lofty goals – only you will know how to achieve them.…