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I have put together a book that helps you keep track of your training notes.

Walter Pauk‘s book, “How to Study in College”[1], describes a note-taking method; known as “the Cornell note-taking system”.  Scott Mautz[2] adds to this three-page-golden-nugget in a 650-page book of golden nuggets, by suggesting that one also notes down action items and emotions solicited.

My book provides you with space for the Cornell note-taking system components of

  • Making notes during the lecture,
  • Summarising the ideas on the page of notes,
  • Writing questions to help you remember the recorded notes, and
  • Commenting on the emotions these notes elicit.

The example below shows you what a note page on a “lecture on the Cornell method” looks like.

Review Date: 2020/01/28
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Date of Lecture: 2020/01/28
Topic of Lecture: Cornell Note-taking method
Review questions:


Name four methods of notetaking




What are the four columns of the Cornell Note Taking method used for?




There are many ways of taking notes in class:

A structured approach using an outline

Visual methods like mind maps

No structure at all.

A superior note-taking method is the “Cornell Note Taking”.

It is a system for taking, organising and reviewing notes – Prof. Walter Pauk of Cornell University in the 1950s.


Divide the page into four sections:

1: Two columns – one larger than the other

2: Larger column: All actual notes from the lecture

The smaller column on the left side: questions about the notes that you can answer during revision

and keywords or comments

3: One area at the bottom of the page, for a summary

4: one smaller area at the top of the page, for a title


The system itself encourages students to reflect on their notes by summarising them in their own words.






Buy the book

Use the method




Take notes with space for comments and a summary.

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[1] How to Study in College, Walter Pauk, Seventh Edition, 2002, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston

[2] Want to Retain Information Better? Try This Popular, 70-Year-Old Note-Taking Method; At a conference, in a conference room, or in a classroom, this method is proven and powerful; Scott Mautz;; December 6, 2019


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