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#Inspire Crystal Garden. Crystals in a glass jam-jar with a string hanging from a pencil over a blue-green liquid (mainly copper sulphate for those who want to know). Later Quartz crystals in the real garden. Eventually, molecular shapes on a computer screen in space filling, ball and stick and stick forms. An old scholar’s fascination with snow crystals. Metal crystals! All these, but the first foremost, lit the chemistry candle in me.   I have attempted to light a similar candle in my kids. They appreciated the sodium-phosphate-crystal-growth kit – the biggest crystal I have ever produced. They were the…


Today the bulk of the South African 2018-matriculants received their final school report. I value education. Education is important. Others are writing about the quality of the education the matriculants received. Others are questioning the real value one should attribute to the matriculation certificate. I am not going to add to the above debates. I want to refer you to another topic – predicting the future. The Star published an article entitled 35 years ago, Isaac Asimov was asked by the Star to predict the world of 2019. Here is what he wrote on the 27th of December 2018. In…